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Yep – just like in Sublime, you can now create tab triggers in the latest Dreamweaver, which was released earlier this week. This is a feature that’s been part of Sublime text for some time, but not as quick or easy to implement as it is now in Dreamweaver.

What is a tab trigger?

A tab trigger is a sequence of keys you will hit to insert a snippet. The snippet is inserted as soon as you hit the Tab key after typing the sequence.


How do I setup tab triggers?

Setting up tab triggers in Dreamweaver has been made incredibly straightforward, as Adobe have just added it as a new option under Snippets.


The main difference I can see with this implementation in Dreamweaver is you can’t customise the tab trigger to place your cursor in a specific place. In the example above, a 100% table, tr and td is added, but the cursor falls after the </table>, whereas in Sublime, you could setup the trigger to have the cursor fall in between the opening and closing td tags. Not a huge issue, but I think this option would be difficult to implement into an interface.

So I can start using tab triggers right away?

Absolutely – all the snippets you have in DW CC 2017 setup already, are ready to have tab triggers added, making your workflow even slicker.