About us

1999 The world spent an estimate of US$592.43 billion on advertising

New wins: Finn Mecannica, BAE Systems. Number of Employees: TWO!

TWO is born!... and so is the App Store.

New wins: iShares

Viral advertising on the up, YouTube surpasses 100 million views

New wins: BlackRock
Number of Employees: 4

First employees join the business, exciting times... Also this year the iPad launch sparks move away from desktop. Did you know? In 2010 90% of emails were spam

Number of Employees: 5

This year the top 100 companies average spend on email marketing exceeded £50,000.

New wins: B&Q, Global Radio

More staff, more space... TWO move to Leatherhead
The shift is starting, mobile first email opens reach 40%.

New wins: Hitachi ARG
Number of Employees: 7

In response to the shift TWO launch the first mobile responsive BAU email comms for B&Q. Also this year online advertising expenditure globally surpasses print ad spending for the first time.

Number of Employees: 8

62% of emails are now opened on mobile and ALL of TWO’s clients are now mobile optimised.
Did you know? World Wide Web turns 25yrs old

TWO open office in Madrid, Spain.
Number of Employees: 15.
New wins: M&G, Winton Capital.

This year mobile advertising spend approx. £50bn worldwide

Number of Employees: 23
New wins: NBC Universal

TWO asked by royal household to create 90th birthday card for the queen